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Flooring Services

If you are thinking about choosing either a laminate, solid wood or engineered floor for your home, business or commercial property, you have come to the right place.  We are a local Joinery company, based in Chester, and offer services in and around Chester and Cheshire West area.

We offer 3 floor services for our customers & clients, in residential, business, and commercial settings. These are:

As part of our service, if you are unsure about the suitability of your chosen floor for your given situation, i.e. you may be concerned about durability, water resistant properties, or installation and fitting methods, we can offer advice and point you in the right direction, ensuring that when your flooring project has been completed, you will have a floor that will last, and look stunning.

At MD Build, we can both supply and fit your chosen type of floor.  However if you have already seen a floor you like, or have already purchased the flooring, we also offer a fitting / installation only service.  We will follow the manufactures instructions/recommendations for installation on all types of flooring to ensure that your guarantee is not void, and to make sure that the best fitting method is undertaken – after all the manufacturer that has done all the tests on their flooring, so they’ll know the best method to fit!

Below are photographs of our flooring renovation projects that we have completed in Chester

MD Build, Chester, Flooring refurbishment

Flooring Restoration, Repair & Refurbishment

If you have been lucky enough to discover wood flooring within your home, property or premises and would like for it to be brought back to its former glory, then we would love for you to give us a call.  Flooring restoration is one of the most satisfying jobs we do, as there really is something special about bringing an old, stained, unsightly floor back to life.

At MD Build, we will ensure your finished floor will look great, and we do this by following a number of stages that ensure a professional finish, these include:

  • Gap filling, by using a combination of methods such as inserting wood strips matched up to your existing flooring into wide gaps and/or using your existing floor sawdust mixed with a floor hardening agent to achieve a uniform finish
  • Following a regime of coarse, medium and then fine grit / grade sanding. This is done with purpose built tools such as a dedicated floor sander and edging sander. We also use a combination of scrapers to get around pipes and right into corners
  • Staining if required
  • Protecting and finishing with either oil, hard wax or lacquer – we would always recommend the best quality varnishes/lacquers to make sure that your flooring is hardwearing for many years to come

Below are photographs of flooring we have installed for customers in Chester including solid wood, engineered & laminate flooring

MD Build, Chester, Flooring, Installation, Installers, Real Wood, Laminate, Engineered

Solid Wood & Engineered Flooring

The beauty of real wood flooring is something to behold.  Its individual grains make a floor both personal and unique, and a joy to walk on. From oak to bamboo, it all boils down to personal taste. At MD Build, we like to focus in on the details and give the floor the respect it rightly deserves.  This means using the correct methods to fix down a floor to make sure it stays down – we always use the best method to suit your room, and include for the highest quality adhesives.

If you decide to give us a call to discuss your flooring ideas, we will first arrange an appointment to come out and see the work area.  We will assess the suitability of what the floor is to be laid on, take moisture levels of the sub base, and then advise you on a fixing method, which we will then base our written quotation on.  For more information on real wood floor, including helpful advice, guidance and good practice which we base all our fitting on, please go to the ‘Wood Flooring’ section on our Cork Board.

Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is a very popular choice for the home. It’s hygienic, easy to clean, and with today’s manufacturing techniques can come with a 20 year + guarantee.

To achieve a professional look, MD Build abide by a number of ‘rules’ when we lay laminate flooring.  For example we always strive where possible to extend the laminate floor underneath the skirting boards, getting rid of the need to install excessive scotia trim.  Also we will always leave the correct gap between the floor and perimeter of the room walls, to allow the floor to expand and contract, and we will always cut accordingly around pipes and install flooring collars to avoid unsightly cuts.

If you are considering laminate floor, please give us a call.  We will come out, measure the area, assess the space and explain to you the different choices of laminates and underlay.  We will then provide you with a full written quotation. We can also provide you with samples of popular makes, styles and colours.

For more information on laminate floor choices, as well as advice on making sure your laminate flooring is laid correctly, please see the ‘Flooring’ section of our Cork Board.



If you would like to contact us to discuss your flooring project, please contact us either via phone or by using our Quick Contact Form.