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Principles of Kitchen Layout – The Work Triangle

  Ready, steady, cook!   Anyone who has attempted one of Jamie Olivers’ 15 Minute Meals will understand the value of a well-designed kitchen layout.  Everything from your cooking ingredients, favourite knife and trusty wooden spoon should all be at hand and ready to go.   In order to achieve this, kitchen designers apply what […]


Choosing Laminate Floor – A Buyers Guide

  Laminate flooring is amazing! So much so that I spent last weekend taking up the old carpet in our house and putting down a very nice rustic oak ‘v’ groove laminate floor. At MD Build, we fit a lot of laminate flooring in and around the Chester area, and by doing this, we get […]


The Building Triangle

Ah the building triangle…..never has something simple meant so much  So what is the building triangle, and how can it help you? Lets start by looking at the building triangle sketch on the right:   The building triangle is basically made up of three points; Fast (time) Quality Cheap (cost) It illustrates that within the […]


Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Sharpening System

    At MD Build, we love our Tormek T-7. Since we purchased one of these from Axminster late last year, we have been blown away by its ease of use and excellent results. As a Joinery company based in Chester, having sharp chisels and plane irons is a must. We use these tools on […]


The Party Wall Act 1996, And How It Affects You

The Party Wall Act came into effect on July 1st, 1997, and is a form of legislation that was set up to prevent, and failing that, resolve disputes that arise between 2 or more parties concerning either a party wall, a boundary wall, and also excavations that are near neighbouring buildings. When it comes to […]