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Useful Links


Below are some links that we believe may help you on your next project:




Many customers want inspiration when they are looking at kitchens.  At MD Build, we use a range of kitchen suppliers in order to give the customer exactly what they want.  Our local Howden’s, who are one of our suppliers, have a variety of kitchens to choose from. Please click the link below to browse through some of the kitchens styles we can offer:

I know a lot of people are eager to get started and get some ideas down on paper when it comes to their new kitchen. Click on the link below for a handy (and more importantly free) kitchen design tool.  MD Build offers a full kitchen design service, so don’t worry if you have no idea of what you want, we can produce a full 3D plan so you know exactly what you’re getting.  If you do want to get your initial thoughts down on paper though, even if it’s just a room plan, this piece of software is a good start.





Do you want to make a feature of your kitchen handles or door handles.  Oldfield Forge is a Traditional Blacksmith with a range of unique ironwork to compliment your home


Planning Permission & Building Regulations


Ever wondered if you do or don’t need planning permission or building regulations approval on your next project? Click on either the house or terrace house links below, depending on what type of house you live in, and you will be taken directly to the governments 3D interactive planning portal. Both take about 2 minutes to load, depending on your connection speed, but they are worth the wait.

For further information from Cheshire West and Cheshire Planning and Building Control departments, click below:



Useful Guides


Below are some useful links to some mini guides for the most common building projects. They are all interactive and are an ideal starting point if you want to do some research




Click on the link below to access the Gemini Tile brochure. At MD BUILD we use a range of tile suppliers, but this brochure is the best for providing inspiration for your next tiling job. There are sections for kitchen, bathroom, wall and floor tiles. Also check out the back of the brochure for information on the different tile types.